All Star Entrance

All Star Entrance, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 151 / 365

What a weekend that was!
Many thanks to those who joined in the debate on originality, your thoughts and opinions have made me think a great deal more on the subject. It has also confirmed to me that this is quite a common subject artists wrangle with.

So to a new week (Monday was a holiday here, as it has been elsewhere in the world). I’ve just pulled the on switch for my online sales, the available prints are limited at the moment and I plan on bulking the galleries out a little more on a monthly basis. Anyone with any favourites they would like that I haven’t included drop me a line and i’ll see if it can be added for you. Oh check the sticky post about the online sales for a thank you 30% discount code.

Also this week is the beginning of me overhauling my lifestyle portraits book (portfolio). Those following my blog a little may remember me saying this year was the year for me to work through and refine my vision and direction. The 365 project has actually taught me a lot so far about the kind of images and the look that I enjoy shooting and which come almost naturally to me. Combined with that are the jobs I’ve been booking and shooting. It can be a strange affair to look at your own work and try to read into your motivations.
I badly needed focus as this year started, I had projects pulling me in all directions and was trying to win too many races all at the same time without wanting to start one for fear of losing the others. If Zack Arias was going a hundred miles an hour down a dead end track, I’d got to the crossroads and sat down.

So I guess that is what todays photograph is about, I know where I’m headed now, all I need do now is step through the door, and guess what? I already have.

3 thoughts on “All Star Entrance

  1. It was an excellent debate that ensued and one I have read over and over trying to see where my mind lies in the whole thing.
    Excellent work and thank you

    Astra Wally

  2. A lovely and engaging photo. I’ve also embarked on a 365-day project that’s helped me discover new inroads to my own creativity, both photographically and via writing. Some days I find it difficult to tap into myself, so to speak, but it turns out that often those days I produce the most insightful moments because it’s almost instinctual. I turn off the brain and simply produce.

    I enjoyed the debate. I toyed with Flickr briefly but find that for myself I’m most inspired by getting to know people not simply looking through galleries of photos.

    I’m enjoying your blog!

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