FGY Rider Portraits No. 9 – Ryan

FGY Rider Portraits – Ryan, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 180 / 365

The ninth from this series of planned rider portraits for Fixed Gear York.
Up this week it’s the turn of long standing FGY rider Ryan. The man with the (still disputed) longest skid title, currently learning to use his words in a journalistic styling. Again the look is that of a man being kept from his ale & midget gems, after a brisk chase back to the FGY office.

Fuji X100

Full set here

Mantelpiece Mini-Gallery

Mantelpiece Mini-Gallery, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 179 / 365

Little lovely arty things.


A little insight into my tastes in art I guess. For a little more info on the various bits click the image to go to my flickr page then mouse over the objects to see the notes.

Video Bokeh

Video Bokeh, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 178 / 365

It was a hot one yesterday, making the band shoot in the afternoon a rather steamy affair. This one I spotted later and figured it’d make a suitable 365 in between getting a few performace shots for the band also.
Multitasking Monday.

Canon 1D mkiii EF L 70-200mm

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Yorkshire Sculpture Park, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 177 / 365

Hot, hot, hot, day out at the YSP. Always good for interesting compositions. Good day for the ND filter.

Fuji X100

Jaume Plensa sculpture.

Sorry to you good people who like to come here for a good rant/debate on photography & art, I’ve been rather busy of late to put together a good post on the subject. Plus after the last one I’ve mellowed a little for the time being. I’m hustling hard at the moment, trying to shift focus a little (or rather clarify focus). This normally happens around the half way point of the year as I look over my year plan from January as see where things are going. I’ve found that this 365 project has at times taken too much of a lead, hence the rather shorter blog posts of late, just need to find the balance between paid and personal work again. I’m still revelling in the challenge of the 365 so thanks for hanging in there with me to those who like to pop in every now and then.

An Exercise in Composition

An Exercise in Composition, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 174 / 365

Just saw the potential for a sneaky 365 during some down time on todays shoot. The power and fun of an iPhone, just playing around with compositions, lines, diagonals, thirds. I almost forgot why I was there in the first place . . . . . . . . . .
iPhone via LR3

Alternate composition; Four Steps to the Right.

Four Steps to the Right

Somewhat simpler and in many respects I prefer it, however it’s good to break ones style now and again. I guess the second shot is the one I’d expect myself to shoot which is why I chose the diagonal one for the 365, mix things up a little.
We even managed to somehow body swerve all of the really really black rain clouds to get the real shooting finished for lunch. It has been raining pretty much since we called a wrap. Phew!

ODC – Diagonal

ODC – Diagonal, originally uploaded by bang*.

172 / 365

Our Daily Challenge – Diagonal

Another challenge set by the flickr group “Our Daily Challenge”. For me it’s more of an occasional challenge as I don’t take part daily. Still it’s a good thing to have in the background as a source of ideas or concepts.

More of a shard than a diagonal, hipstamatic to the rescue for today.

iPhone – Hipstamatic

Want a chance to get a nice desktop wallpaper, have a looksie here.

Lucky Dip freebie time.

Lucky Dip freebie time., originally uploaded by bang*.

As promised as a little gesture of thanks for the support & business I’ve recieved for my blog, twitter & flickr I’ve put together a little collection of desktop wallpapers all ready for downloading. There are four to choose from, all shot during my recent trip to Budapest for the series I shot out there.

I’m offering a chance for five (5) lucky folk to get the chance to download their favourite. All you need to do is comment either here for this photo, on the linked flickr post for this image or hit me up with a mention on twitter (@bangphotography). Two random comments will be chosen from here, two from the blog and the tweet that make me laugh the most will all be sent an emai linvite to head on over and download the wallpaper of their choice. I’ll do the picking on Monday (27th June) so you have until Sunday to comment/tweet. The lucky winners should be notified via email on Tuesday 28th.