Family (dis)Harmony

Family (dis)Harmony, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 154 / 365

I just digged the chemistry (or lack of) that seemed to be going on here.

Even when together we sometimes seem so far apart in our own little worlds.

It goes to show that Mr Avedon had a point saying a photograph can be accurate yet not necessarily show the truth.

Fuji X100

Here’s to the weekend!

On that note there’s going to be a lull in my 365 posts and uploads for a few days next week, I’m off to Budapest for some R&R, so i’ll be unplugged while away. The travel kit consists of the Fuji X100, how zen can you get, the final and ultimate test for the camera for me.

8 thoughts on “Family (dis)Harmony

  1. Excellent capture. How comfortable they must be that they don’t have to fill the air with useless drivel. Beautiful.
    Enjoy the R&R. I look forward to see what you photo while touring around Budapest
    Astra Wally

    • What’s kind of odd is that I managed to get another photograph of a different family later in the day who matched in their actions (harmony) but really clashed with everything else in the world (disharmony). I decided not to use it as it didn’t show them in a particularly kind way (actually they looked pretty darn disgusting, lets just say ice cream and weight issues) (Now I can just tell people are dying to see that photograph 🙂 )


  2. We went on a holiday like that once. We called it the “NABCOC” tour. Not Another Bloody Castle or Church tour got very tiring after climbing the 75th hill and posing for the 500th photo. I know how they fell. Great pic as usual

    • I just read your blog about page and couldn’t help but laugh at “What we don’t do is drive the cars like t&@ts, shredding the tyres and buggering the transmission.” (NB: edited for those of a delicate disposition)
      I know what you mean with the NABCOC, whilst backpacking after Uni we ended up with sightseeing fatigue.
      Thanks for stopping by.

      • I’m glad you enjoyed. It’s been a pain writing of late. I got an apple bluetooth KB 6 months ago for my toshiba laptop. It’s worked fine until we went away to Byron bay. After that it’s taken to either disconnecting all the time or typing the last letter for page after page until I can get it to stop! Ah well:)

  3. I just started following your blog but I am thoroughly enjoying it so far. The topics are very interesting to follow and I love getting a little insight into a photographer’s thought process. As an amateur photographer, I’ve always had trouble shooting people who I don’t know. How did you go about taking this photograph? Was it just a quick shot and they didn’t notice? DId you ask before? Afterward? Thanks and enjoy Budapest! It’s one of my favorite cities =).

    • Welcome to the blog.
      The way I go about this kind of photography is preparation, awareness and luck.
      The camera is set so the exposure is going to be good, many times i’m prefocused so that I know any subject within a certain distance range is in focus. This has me prepared to be able to very quickly capture a fleeting moment or photograph and move on quickly. I also only shoot with prime lenses (fixed focal length) so I know what the scene will look like before I even put the camera up to my face (this comes with experience and practice with said lens).
      This photograph in particular was something I’d spotted from across the park, I walked closer with the camera ready, the park was full of people so I was pretty unremarkable (hence they didn’t notice me), I just put the camera to my face, fired off a shot and moved on. I didn’t and don’t intend on using the image commercially so i’m not worried about needing any kind of release.
      I’ve photographed street portraits of strangers also, where permission was asked before hand, these are a different beasty but just as rewarding.
      Hope that answers your question some. There are some interesting articles online regarding street photography, different people have different approaches, this works for me.

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