Process of Elimination

Process of Elimination, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 166 / 365

The selects from which my final series of prints from the Budapest series will be formed.
Real prints, the only way to edit for publication/exhibition.
First photographs I’ve had printed from the X100 also, beautiful, just beautiful.

Fuji X100

If you’ve ever pondered what my editing process is like when selecting finals for print exhibition, galleries or publication, this is kind of the final stage. Narrow down and cull and edit the edit until I’ve around four times too many prints still. Then print actual physical copies and stick them to a wall. Now I can mix, remove and juggle them to my hearts content for a few days until I get a combination which I’m totally happy with. By leaving them where I can see them I get a better understanding of which photographs go together to form the strongest cohesive series.

This photograph shows the beginning of the end of the Budapest series selection, shouldn’t be long now. I thought I’d give you a sneaky peek though.

One thought on “Process of Elimination

  1. Thanks for the description of how you work. I used to work a similar way when I was shooting film, and haven’t gotten back to it since the switch to digital.There’s nothing like actually physically moving things around, and then living with them for a while to help with that kind of decision making.

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