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Budapest Series 1 & 2 on PhotoShelter

The series from Budapest are live, head on over to my online PhotoShelter galleries and have a look around. I finally came to the decision to break it down into two series, I’ve also added a new purchasing option to get each series as a set of postcard sized prints and save a little money.

Also keep an eye on the blog for a little special something/competition, should be announced in the next 24 hrs. How exciting.

Step into my Parlour

Step into my Parlour, originally uploaded by bang*.

170 / 365

Said the Spider to the fly.
A little dusty window for a lazy Sunday.


All being well the Budapest series launches tomorrow on my photoshelter site.
Plus I’m still planning a little something for the good people who follow here on the blog or my twitter (@bangphotography).
I’ll let you know when it’s all live and kicking.

On the Nature of Daylight – Looking back at myself looking forwards.

A little bonus for today.

Perhaps a little Max Richter to go along with this one – On the Nature of Daylight, Blue Notebooks.

It’s okay to cry a little while listening it’s a beautiful heart wrenching piece of music.

Explosion of Colour

Explosion of Colour, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 167 / 365

Just a little something I noticed whilst heading through the city today.

Fuji X100

Sorry about the random posting to the blog this week, two one day nothing the next etc. It’s been rather a busy week trying to sort out various things. I should even out again next week.

Process of Elimination

Process of Elimination, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 166 / 365

The selects from which my final series of prints from the Budapest series will be formed.
Real prints, the only way to edit for publication/exhibition.
First photographs I’ve had printed from the X100 also, beautiful, just beautiful.

Fuji X100

If you’ve ever pondered what my editing process is like when selecting finals for print exhibition, galleries or publication, this is kind of the final stage. Narrow down and cull and edit the edit until I’ve around four times too many prints still. Then print actual physical copies and stick them to a wall. Now I can mix, remove and juggle them to my hearts content for a few days until I get a combination which I’m totally happy with. By leaving them where I can see them I get a better understanding of which photographs go together to form the strongest cohesive series.

This photograph shows the beginning of the end of the Budapest series selection, shouldn’t be long now. I thought I’d give you a sneaky peek though.

FGY Rider Portraits, Number 8 – Mark (me)

FGY Rider Portraits – Mark (me), originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 164 / 365

The eigth from this series of planned rider portraits for Fixed Gear York.

I guess it had to happen sooner or later. A self-portrait, but luckily I’d had it in mind for a while seeing as I’m one of the FGY riders.
It’s no easy feat this self-portrait business.

Canon 5D mkii, 50mm f1.4 (well it obviously wasn’t shot on the Fuji)


The current full set of portraits can be found here; Fixed Gear York rider portraits.