Vive le tour!

Vive le tour!, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 183 / 365

Passed the half way stage of the 365!
First Stage of the TdF today, now it’s summer!
Chapeau mes amis, Allez allez!

iPhone – Hipstamatic & Camera +

It might just have escaped some peoples attention that I’m fairly keen on the cycling thing. Most people understand that cameras and coffee go together, well add cycling in there and you have a triple whammy. No matter what kind of day I’m having (or have had), once I saddle up and hit the tarmac it all just melts away as the miles pass by. Sometimes alone with my thoughts and dreams, other times with a good group of friends. Sometimes on the simple track bike with its zen drive chain, sometimes on the Carbon bullet. Always with a smile on my face.

Anyway that’s enough misty eyed stuff, todays shot is in celebration of the opening stage of the Tour de France, the sporting event that only a handful of people properly understand. Most cyclists will admit that road racing isn’t the most engaging of spectator sports. However for those who know the feeling of desperation as you’re hanging on the the last wheel of the bunch digging up that final climb of the day knowing that at any moment your legs are going to explode, or the joy of breaking away from the chasing pack with only a few miles to go, this is a gruelling three weeks of pain for some of the most dedicated athletes in the world.

Vive le tour!
To think you all thought this blog was about photography.

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