I’ll be waiting

I’ll be waiting, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 201 / 365

The light was particularly beautiful as I walked from the car park to the studio early this morning. I spotted this lonely little fella hanging around waiting to guard his owners stead should it return. I just loved the tones and colours so out came the Fuji and bingo the days 365 was in the bag by 7am.



I should be back to regular service next week with the 365 and the blog. The posts have been rather brief of late due to time constraints, so sorry for those who enjoy the odd rant or spillage from my mind. Trust me I have plenty rumbling around in there at the moment, I just need some time sit and think before trying to form it into a coherent stream.

One thought on “I’ll be waiting

  1. Cool photo! The fact that there isn’t one central character in this story makes the photo much more visually appealing. What I mean is that the photo doesn’t focus on the one object solely. Rather, its explores shapes, textures, colors, etc. Again, nice pic.

    If you find a moment, please visit my photoblog and view some of my pics. I am fairly new to photography so any pointers would be appreciated. Here is a link:


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