Dozing in the summer breeze

Dozing in the summer breeze, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 209 / 365

It’s a window again.
The instant film wasn’t delivered on time to carry on with polaroid week so that’s on hold.
Instead you get a lazy summers afternoon shot, well that’s the look anyway. The reality was slightly different.

4 thoughts on “Dozing in the summer breeze

  1. If this is what you call a “lazy” shot, then I can’t wait to see what the Polaroid series is going to look like!

    This is a great shot. I like it because, as the title suggests, the open window and vase make it feel like a typical hot afternoon. Being that we just got over a week long heat wave, I can definitely relate to this photo.

    • Hi, firstly thanks for you comments again. As for the reality, well lets just say I ended up on a very serious training ride on the bike with a group of rather fast racing types.

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