Face Off

Face Off, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 200 / 365

Day 200!
Another peek into this weeks life. David Vs Goliath (well David shooting with a customers camera whilst his looks on in dismay).

iPhone – Shot on Hipstamatic and then fettled with Flare on Mac.

You may have guessed I’ve found a little time to quickly upload the photographs I’ve shot so far this week inbetween work. It’s been rather busy with little gaps of time in which the hunt for food and coffee takes place all the while I’m hunting for 365 subjects.


Viewfinder, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 199 / 365

Welcome to my world for this week.
Using the 50mm with exposure 125th @ f8, iso 200 shooting Jpegs and plenty of them (lets just say Monday started at 0001 today ended at around 1300 something).

iPhone through the viewfinder of the 1D mkiii

Gathering Clouds

Gathering Clouds, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 198 / 365

Stormy day makes for stormy photographs. Foreboding clouds gather over the city as I turn my gaze upwards into the falling rain. A second later I’m running for cover, a smile upon my face knowing my shot for today is made.


There is no cake

There is no cake, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 197 / 365

So another little sight from my recent travels whilst working. This just reminded me of a certain little something which has brought a smile to many a face. A certain couple of friends should get where I’m coming from with this one, this one’s for you guys. You have no idea how much I want to find one I can call “I’m in space!” to complete the set.

iPhone – Camera+

So that’s me up to date apart from todays shot, I might actually get out with a “real” camera today although it’s pouring with rain at the moment so we’ll have to see about that. Next week I’m back into the thick of it with five loooong days of repetitive shooting, the kind that crushes the creative within. However it pays the bills and gives me the freedom to be able to work on some of my personal projects, so it isn’t all bad. Hopefully I’ll be able to find something interesting to photograph for this project somewhere in the week. If not, I fear it’ll be more iphone shots of signs.

FGY Rider Portrait Series – No. 11 Caddy

Day 194 / 365

The eleventh from this series of planned rider portraits for Fixed Gear York.

Up this week Is Mr Michael Caddy, or Caddy for those in the know. This guy has been on the FGY radar for a while but I’ve only just managed to ride with him for the first time this last couple of weeks. Why the dirty hands, well from only three rides with this guy he’s had some oily mitts from tyre related maintainance twice, I figured it was a fitting tribute.
Top bloke and we’re all going to be a little worse off when he heads overseas later in the summer to teach English for a while.

The full series of FGY rider portraits so far can be found here.

Looking for a way out.

Looking for a way out., originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 193 / 365

Trapped in the belly of the city, people scurry around trying to feel busy, trying to win the race which in the end is only with themselves.

Fuji X100

Pretty dark couple of photographs from me it would seem for the last two days. Not sure what that’s all about, maybe it’s time to break out and photograph some rainbows and puppy dogs to lighten the mood. Although it’s Wednesday tomorrow so that should mean a new rider portrait if everything works out.

Pull to alleviate the darkness

Pull to alleviate the darkness, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 192 / 365

Just having some fun shooting a little low light interiors with the X100.

Back to the busy this week as I have two full days shooting at the end of the week so I need to condense 5 days office stuff into 3.
Luckily light switches are around to chase away the darkness.

Leigh’s New Bishop

Leigh’s New Bishop, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 191 / 365

One from todays ride with friends new and old involving two frame builders (Mr Chris Bishop from Baltimore and Mr Ricky Feather from closer to home).
We figured a classic British styled track frame built by an American deserved a fittingly English backdrop.

Check out these two guys and the beautiful steel creations that spring from their minds & hands;

Bishop Bikes and www.flickr.com/photos/bishopbikes/
Feather Cycles and www.flickr.com/photos/feathercycles/


A fine day was had by all it would seem. Bikes, beers, good company, dogs, good food and miles and miles of smiles.