The Call of the Sugar

The Call of the Sugar, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 243 / 365

Hi sugarpie!
The eternal call of sugar and spice and all things nice.
Just trying to keep some colour going on a dark day. Loved the reflections and hint of rain on the chaps shoulders.

Stocking up on 120, Ilford HP5 & Kodak Portra 400. Plus digging out a couple or more rolls of expired 220 Fuji 160S. Anyone sniff a new project in the workings? I’m planning black & white but I really haven’t shot any of the new Portra yet.

6×6 incoming!

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 242 / 365

I don’t know I just saw it with the deep shadows in the garage behind the car and figured it would make an interesting composition.


Interesting times here at bang HQ. My normal busy period banging out some less than artistic but none the less uniquely challenging work is just around the corner. It’s the kind of work that pays the bills and allows me the freedom to carryout some of my personal and spec. work. More on this spec. work soon. . . . . .Mmmmmmm film. !?!

Fuji Reala 100

Fuji Reala 100, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 241 / 365

So despite saying any further film work would be medium format I still had a half used roll of 35mm in the old EOS. So I decided I’d finish that up too.
So what you see here is a straight scan from neg. I shot it rated as iso50 (so over exposing by a stop) to get it how I like it, no worries here about lost highlights, this stuff is pretty hardy.

Mmmmmmmmm vibrant filmy goodness.

So that’s probably it from me in the sense of 35mm film, I just pulled out the only medium format camera I have left so it’s time for a dust down, clean up and then either load up a roll of expired fuji 160 or grab some rolls of Kodak portra, either way you’ll know when I post them as they’ll be square 6×6 format.

Frames – 24 exp. From The City

Frames – 24 exp. From The City, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 240 / 365

24 Exposures from a Sunday in the city. A visual impression from a two hour walk around its quieter parts. Light, lines, quirks and smirks, see how I see if only for a little while.

Olympus PEN, E-P2 c-mount 35mm f1.7

This is probably one of my favourite “Frames” pieces. It shows my shooting style quite well as this was 24 exposures. Nothing was removed, nothing was added. I gave myself 24 shots and this is what I came home with.
I also had the rangefinder 35mm film camera with me so I finished up that roll first, looking back at the negs that was where I warmed up for these shots (ie. they mostly suck). I’ve gone off the rangefinder of late, probably as the PEN does a much better job in terms of getting the shot done. Especially with the 35mm lens on as it’s manual focus, meaning I can play around with in and out of focus shots (kind of like shots 2/3 and 9/10). I’m thinking that any future film work will be shot exclusively on medium format, which means it’ll mostly be portraits but also it’ll be expensive so don’t expect too much of it.

Frames – Refreshing Photographers

Frames – Refreshing Photographers, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 238 / 365

Frames, a collection of shots pretty much untouched in post production, thrown together into a contact sheet type thing and delivered fresh to your monitor. A little insight into a few hours from my day.

This was going to be called “Searching for the invisible man (or woman).” Don’t ask why.

Fun from a little two days refreshing our brains.
The camera got a good pass around but I’m fairly sure I shot at least one of these frames.

Oly PEN E-P2, 35mm

I’m enjoying doing these “Frames” days so I’d expect a few more from me over the next few weeks.

Frames – Ray

Frames – Ray, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 237 / 365

Frames, a collection of shots pretty much untouched in post production, thrown together into a contact sheet type thing and delivered fresh to your monitor. A little insight into a few hours from my day.

Some of the many faces of Ray, the happiest photographer I know. Not to mention the man who has some crazy stories to tell. Boy can this man talk.

Olympus PEN E-P2, 35mm f1.7 (or the photographers fun camera of choice as it shall now be known)

Spent a few days down in Oxford with a good group of photographers. The Olympus PEN came and seemed to be quite a hit with some of the gang, mainly for its small but hefty stature, it’s nice sounding shutter and the mighty grainy film filter. I think I need to be on commission for Olympus the number I could have sold. We photographer love a camera we can just pick up and use and abuse right away. The PEN just kind of works how you expect it should.