False Sense of Security – Bike Week 2

False Sense of Security, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 221 / 365

Lock it or lose it. Or sometimes to those unlucky ones, Lock it and still lose it.

I thought I’d go down a slightly different path for this installment of bike week, maybe less about the actual bikes and more about the issues around them.

Bike theft would seem to be one of the downsides to bike ownership. Let’s be honest they’re pretty easy to steal, you don’t even need to learn how to hot wire them. I have a number of friends who over the last year have had bikes stolen. Some from being locked on the streets, some from garden sheds and one from the back of his van. You can spend a small fortune on locks and such but to be honest they are simply a deterrent and not guarantee of security.
Having said that one good way to increase the odds of it being there when you come back is to lock it near lots of other poorly locked or unlocked bikes. Or do what I do and employ a really big scary Russian bloke to stand next to it until you return 🙂

Fuji X100 & early morning light.

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