Commuter – Bike Week

Commuter, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 222/ 365

Another benefit of using your bike, you get to park right outside of your workplace.
The reversal of camera equipment is in full swing at the moment. Back to an Olympus PEN from the Fuji X100, I have my reasons, shear enjoyment of use is one of them.

Olympus E-P2 35mm f1.7

So the newly reformed PEN kit is;
Olympus E-P2 instead of the E-PL2 I had before. Why? well the E-P has better build quality, the shutter has a nicer sound (I’m so fickle i know) and I found a bargain of a body only deal.

Olympus electronic viewfinder VF-2 – This as I stated before is a must for these cameras in my eyes. It becomes a “proper” camera to me once this baby is on board.

Panasonic 20mm f1.7 – I LOVE this lens. I think it goes to say something when this is the only lens I ever really missed after letting it go. Also it’s the only lens I’ve ever bought a second copy of. Why do I love it so? dunno, maybe I’ll do a post on it one day when I figure that out.

Olympus OM 50mm f1.8 (via adapter) – This is the same lens I had from before as it wasn’t worth selling, after all it only cost me £6.

Finally the odd ball lens. One of the plus sides (if you’ll call it that) of micro 4/3 is that due to the design pretty much any lens ever made can be rigged to fit the camera. So now I have a 35mm f1.7 c-mount lens. What the billy-oh is c-mount? Yeah I never knew until about a week ago but it would seem that CCTV cameras can have interchangeable lenses also and these are c-mount. This on the PEN becomes a 70mm f1.7, which in my eyes is a niffty little thing indeed.

The 35mm f1.7 was used for the photograph above and you’ll notice that it’s sharp in the centre and then goes very soft at the edges, so I’m thinking this could be a fun portrait lens and also useful for some fun street stuff. I’m just messing around with it at the moment so let me get back to you once the novelty has worn off.

6 thoughts on “Commuter – Bike Week

  1. Hey Mark,

    already told you that I appreciate your decision pro MFT and the PEN-series, but I’m even more happy to see you switching to an E-P2!

    Personally, I love my E-P2. The build quality is awesome and clearly superior to the E-PLx models. Also the authentic retro look and the great shutter sound (you’re absolutely right about that!) give it an irresistible sex appeal.

    Nothing to add about the 20mm “PanaLeicake” – it’s the perfect companion for the PEN. You can easily see/feel the Leica-DNA when shooting it wide open…

    Have fun shooting your PEN, I’m looking forward to see more!


    • I haven’t tried the SLR magic lenses although I’ve heard some good things about them from the likes of Steve Huff. They seem to give a similar look to that I’m getting from the c-mount lens but maybe with a more controllable focus spot. Maybe something to look into in the future, thanks.

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