Working Cyclist – City Riding Series Part 5

Day 225 / 365

Multi tasking with the projects today. 365, bike week and the city riding series all in one shot.
Here’s another angle I’ve had in mind for a while, the Posties always ride along here as the depot is just up the river.
The weirdness of the look is due to using the 35mm f1.7 c-mount lens again. I thought I’d give it a good old test today. To be honest it’s kind of crazy but is capable of producing some very unique looking bokeh, and some very odd bokeh too. My copy refuses to focus to infinity so I’m guessing it’s not mounted close enough to the sensor (I could attack it with a file but at the moment I’m liking the dreamy out of focus in focus appearence)

Olympus PEN E-P2, 35mm f1.7

So ofter a few days with it am I glad I’m back with the Oly PEN?


The E-P2 has a couple of operational differences from the E-PL2 but it makes up for that with it’s beefier build and lovely sounding shutter. I’ve a little post planned for the beginning of next week kind of giving a little review / over view / reasoning behind my return to micro 4/3 from the Fuji X100. Along with where it fits into my photographers life with regards my other equipment. To give you a hint though, today I headed out with a very small camera bag inside if which I had camera body with lenses kind of equivalent to 40mm f1.7, 70mm f1.7 & 100mm f1.8, a speedlight, wireless triggers, mini tripod, spare battery, spare SD card, notebook, pen, iphone, wallet and pen. Now that’s a lot of camera gear in a lightweight little bag.

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