Signs of Autumn

Signs of Autumn, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 228 / 365

Mmmmm pretty colours.
Acer trees have to be amongst one of my favourite plants. There’s just something about the detailed yet delicate leaves and the vibrant displays of colour they have. Soaking it all in on an overcast summers day.


Okay I ‘ve decided to split the post over a few days (although tomorrows shot is an absolute peach). So this is the last for today but hopefully it’ll put some colour into your day.
As for the Oly PEN, yes I’ve been away for a few days but in a last minute decision the PEN and it’s small travel friendly kit got dumped out of the bag and replaced with the 5D & 50mm (plus my old EOS film body and the 35mm, which didn’t get used). Why, I’m not sure but it’s the dilemma I always seem to have when selecting which cameras to take with me when I travel. It comes down to ease of transport Vs shear out and out image quality. The 5D won this time as I felt I might be wanting that depth of field control (and I’m kinda glad it did, although at times I did think I’d made the wrong choice).

2 thoughts on “Signs of Autumn

  1. Hahaa, I know what you’re talking about!

    Always stand in front of my rack and can’t decide which camera to take with me. I could take longer on this decision than my wife needs time in the bathroom 😦

    But in my case the main question is mostly “digital or film today?” – judging by the batch of unscanned negatives on my desk, I decided way too much for the analogue way in the last weeks…

    • Glad I’m not alone, I’m so indecisive when it comes to my kit if It isn’t job specific.
      I was going to take the PEN and my old rangefinder, it was all packed and ready to go. Then last minute I swapped to the 5D, then I figured If I’m taking an EOS digital I could pop the EOS film body in and double up on lenses. Didn’t really shoot much film though. I did spend time shooting a load of panoramic stuff though and just had fun experimenting.

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