A Place To Take It All In.

A Place To Take It All In., originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 232 / 365

A panoramic shot with a difference. Many shots to make one, I’ve been meaning to give one of these types of shot a go for a while I just couldn’t find the right spot. I didn’t want totally crazy shallow depth of field as I liked the building in the background. This spot seemed a good, one for some shallow depth of field stiching crazyness.
Maybe fifteen shots went into this using kind of a Robocop style Brenizier approach.

5D/50mm f1.4

Wow it’s Sunday night already and all I can say before I sign off for the week is, Kwak beer is pretty potent. Should be all caught up again with my posts after tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “A Place To Take It All In.

  1. I very much like this image and want to pinch the bench so please don’t tell me where it is located;). Why did this image take so many shots to create? It seems with the wide lens and seemingly overcast day that the image should not need manipulation. Man I want that bench….

    • The method adds a little more power to the 3D aspect of shallow depth of field. A similar kind of shot may have been possible with a very fast wide angle, however it would have had to be a crazy wide aperture and the wider field of view would make for a slightly different view due to the distortion effect of wider lenses. From where I knelt to shoot this I’d say something in the region of a 20 to 24mm lens would have been required for a similar field of view, however to get the same depth of field it probably would have needed a max aperture of f/1 or wider. Using the 50mm at f1.4 I get the depth of field along with the lens effects of a 50mm but a much wider field of view, so it’s about shooting a little bit of the whole scene in each shot and then stitching the whole panoramic thing together in post production rather than merging exposures. P’hew, I think that kind of brushes the surface of this method, I’ve seen some people take it to extremes and they start to look a bit odd, when used in moderation I kind of like them. 🙂
      I hear you about that bench though, apparently in the Springtime it’s surrounded by tulips.

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