Frames -From the Car

Frames -From the Car, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 233 / 365

Something a little different again for a few days perhaps.
Frames, a collection of shots pretty much untouched in post production, thrown together into a contact sheet type thing and delivered fresh to your monitor. A little insight into a few hours from my day.
Today it’s Frames from the Car.

E-P2 / 20mm/35mm
Gotta love the PEN for it’s perfect fit to this kind of thing.
Yes I seem to have had a thing about powerlines during the journey. Contrast-tastic. More tomorrow all being well.

3 thoughts on “Frames -From the Car

  1. The instant I saw this I thought “U2”. (I seem to recollect an album cover from my youth….)
    LOVE it. Your image, I mean. Not the album.
    Though I think I actually love the album, too.
    I just hope you weren’t driving.

    • It isn’t all that often a comment makes me laugh but you just managed with your writing as it comes from the mind. “Love it, the photos not the album, well actually I love the album too” 🙂
      Thanks and no I was the passenger this time. I’m off to google U2 albums now to see if I can find one that is similar.

  2. Achtung Baby 1991. They weren’t scenes from the car, so not necessarily the content of your images that reminded me, but the feeling of movement and random capture you created.
    A lot of their covers have been shot by Anton Corbijn. I think he was involved in this one, too.

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