Frames – Ray

Frames – Ray, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 237 / 365

Frames, a collection of shots pretty much untouched in post production, thrown together into a contact sheet type thing and delivered fresh to your monitor. A little insight into a few hours from my day.

Some of the many faces of Ray, the happiest photographer I know. Not to mention the man who has some crazy stories to tell. Boy can this man talk.

Olympus PEN E-P2, 35mm f1.7 (or the photographers fun camera of choice as it shall now be known)

Spent a few days down in Oxford with a good group of photographers. The Olympus PEN came and seemed to be quite a hit with some of the gang, mainly for its small but hefty stature, it’s nice sounding shutter and the mighty grainy film filter. I think I need to be on commission for Olympus the number I could have sold. We photographer love a camera we can just pick up and use and abuse right away. The PEN just kind of works how you expect it should.

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