Frames – 24 exp. From The City

Frames – 24 exp. From The City, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 240 / 365

24 Exposures from a Sunday in the city. A visual impression from a two hour walk around its quieter parts. Light, lines, quirks and smirks, see how I see if only for a little while.

Olympus PEN, E-P2 c-mount 35mm f1.7

This is probably one of my favourite “Frames” pieces. It shows my shooting style quite well as this was 24 exposures. Nothing was removed, nothing was added. I gave myself 24 shots and this is what I came home with.
I also had the rangefinder 35mm film camera with me so I finished up that roll first, looking back at the negs that was where I warmed up for these shots (ie. they mostly suck). I’ve gone off the rangefinder of late, probably as the PEN does a much better job in terms of getting the shot done. Especially with the 35mm lens on as it’s manual focus, meaning I can play around with in and out of focus shots (kind of like shots 2/3 and 9/10). I’m thinking that any future film work will be shot exclusively on medium format, which means it’ll mostly be portraits but also it’ll be expensive so don’t expect too much of it.

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