Fuji Reala 100

Fuji Reala 100, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 241 / 365

So despite saying any further film work would be medium format I still had a half used roll of 35mm in the old EOS. So I decided I’d finish that up too.
So what you see here is a straight scan from neg. I shot it rated as iso50 (so over exposing by a stop) to get it how I like it, no worries here about lost highlights, this stuff is pretty hardy.

Mmmmmmmmm vibrant filmy goodness.

So that’s probably it from me in the sense of 35mm film, I just pulled out the only medium format camera I have left so it’s time for a dust down, clean up and then either load up a roll of expired fuji 160 or grab some rolls of Kodak portra, either way you’ll know when I post them as they’ll be square 6×6 format.

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