Light & Lines Again

Light & Lines Again, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 244 / 365

Getting my hustle on again so not much time dedicated to todays shot. I just saw this light streaming through a window and down these stone steps this morning. I loved the interplay between the straight lines and the odd little reflected curves of light at the top.


A couple of irons in the fire at the moment, I have the rider portrait series to finish up (well at least the initial series), I have a pretty big portrait project I’m needing to get people on board with so that’s got me thinking hard. Plus I’m currently about to shoot a whole batch of new work for my portrait portfolio as it’s been neglected lately and I’m about to release a new art series onto my Photoshelter site. This is all in between the work I’m committed to doing already this September that I mentioned the other day. Am I crazy? no, I’m at my best when I’m busy, ideas come more freely and I enjoy my work infinitely more. Getting my hustle on means I can’t hear the voices that doubt me in the depths of my mind. They’re the voices that haunt me in the depth of Winter after three weeks without a hint of a commission and no personal work planned . . . . . . . . . Not this year my friends, times are changing around these parts.

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