Gothica, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 255 / 365

Sometimes what we see is a little removed from reality. I’d forgotten how much I like the feel the Sigma 12-24mm gives, especially when shot wide open. The edges get a little fuzzy and it naturally vignettes a couple of stops (although I may have added to that with this one . . . . ).
York Minster in all it’s imposing Gothicness.
5D / 12-24mm

Get me using a zoom lens, although to be honest if you can find me a good 12mm prime for Canon EF mount I’m listening.
It isn’t that I’m against the zoom, I just prefer the character that primes can have.

5 thoughts on “Gothica

  1. Fantastic! Yes, very “imposing” in its “gothicness”. How could you possible do gothic without the vignette, eh?! 😉
    I’m just learning to use prime lenses, it’s interesting so far…finding it a bit tasking to transition between that and the zoom (although I am being won over by the sharpness of my only prime so far, the 20mm).
    But nevermind me – I am in love with this photo. Thanks for sharing!

    • Everyone loves a little vignette now and then.
      Stick with the primes, I love mine and even though they’re times when a zoom could save me a few seconds I’m sticking with them. Plus the fact that I don’t always carry them all in the bag means that at times I really have to think through my shots and angles.

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