Blowin’ in the Wind // Lone Tree

Blowin’ in the Wind // Lone Tree, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 256 / 365

After a couple of days of breezy conditions I figured the 365 needed a little memento of the weather.

My B&W period continues . . . . . .

If you really just have to know what this was shot on then maybe If you ask I’ll tell. I got what I was going for though (or at least close too it).
On another side note, I learnt today that I can get from being asleep in my bed to in the car with it full of kit and on the road in 15 minutes when pushed . . . . . . However this is one feat I don’t have any desire to repeat, ever. Everything worked out fine though so all was good.

4 thoughts on “Blowin’ in the Wind // Lone Tree

  1. I’ve been following your blog for about 5-6 months now and everytime I’m down on inspiration I just come back and check out your blog. I absolutely love your work!

    • Thanks, glad your enjoying it. I have to say some days are easier than others and there are times when I really have to force myself to go and shoot. So I guess even in the times of low inspiration just getting out and shooting can sometimes free up your mind enough for a little spark.

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