Dean’s Park HP5+

Dean’s Park HP5+, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 258 / 365

Still feeling the call of the film. After a little step back into the medium format world I’ve decided that in order to keep the bank manager happy I’d better stick to 35mm for all but the commissioned work on film. 220 sure is pretty but it’s darn costly to get dev’ed & scanned (even low res).
Here’s a little Ilford HP5+ action in Dean’s Park.

4 thoughts on “Dean’s Park HP5+

  1. I really like the lines in this image. It’s such a lovely space to work in too, I keep finding new spots every time I’m there.

    I exposed a few frames of Portra 400 myself this afternoon, during & just after the rain – look forward to seeing how they come out.

    Still loving the series,


    • Thanks, yeah I got a little caught in that downpour. I often find myself in Dean’s Park on days when I’m struggling for something to shoot for the 365, I just love how it changes through the seasons and as you say there’s always a new angle to find. I’d be interested in how you find the new Portra 400, I’m running very low on my slightly expired Fuji 400H and am thinking of jumping ship to Kodak.

      • It’s the first serious roll I’ve exposed in a long time & the first of my Portra 400 stock. I’d actually appreciate any suggestions you may have of where to get it dev’d & scanned. I’ve heard good things about its range & tone. I look forward to sharing the results.

      • Back in the olden days of me shooting film I’d always use Peak Imaging in Sheffield, or (shhhh don’t tell anyone) Jessops in Harrogate. Wait I can explain, it was just after it opened and I got to know the girl running the lab, she was properly switched on and a few months later it won lab of the year (well for Jessops). Times have changed though so I wouldn’t recommend it now without popping some test rolls through. I’m actually dropping a roll of 220 Fuji 160 off at C C Imaging in Leeds tomorrow for Dev & Scan, so I’ll let you know what I think of them. Most of my 35mm that I’ve shot of late has been Bootsed as I’m not too fussed about it being on the money, plus it’s pretty darn handy and you can get 1hr too. The scans are pretty naff though, well they’re okay to post online but that’s about it.

        I’m starting to think we should wear red carnations when out shooting in York so we can nod at one another in a knowing manner.

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