Kitchen Garden Lighting Set-up

Kitchen Garden Lighting Set-up, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 260 / 365

Time for a little something different again.
Here’s one from todays final set of shots for the N.T. editorial piece, only this time with an added educational aspect.

Strobistamatic info –
As photo;
1 x Speedlight gridded high and camera right, to provide a little pop to the food.
1 x Speedlight (on top of wall) high behind food to give backlighting / rim (replicate the sun which was over the wall).

White big reflector hand held just out of frame (left) to kick a little of the spill back in.

Could I not have just shot this available light, yeah but it looked a little dead without some modelling and to be honest where’s the fun in that.

Rf – 603 triggers.

Canon 1Dmkiii, Sigma 50mm f1.4

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