Instant Inspiration

Instant Inspiration, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 261 / 365

Do not adjust your monitor I’m back from the land of B&W

A strange title you may think for a photograph taken with the E-P2 / 20mm, well maybe not. It comes about as I spent a good few hours yesterday in the late sun with my Polaroid camera shooting the 3000b B&W film. Kinda fun, well loads of fun actually. You just can’t beat that anticipation as you wait for the developing goo to do it’s business before peeling the photograph apart. The fuji instant doesn’t smell as good as I remember the polaroid smelling but it’s probably a good thing as sniffing photographs whilst stood in the street isn’t a great look.
So to todays shot, after my polaroid session I’d pretty much refilled my enthusiasm for the 365 project, sure none of the photographs I shot yesterday will make the project but the whole idea is to get me out playing and trying stuff photographically that I’d normally not bother with. With my newly full inspiration bucket I headed out into the early light with the PEN / 20mm (darn I’d forgotten just how good this lens was, I’m like totally OMG in love for eva with it (too much?)). I shot a boat load of what I’d consider “proper good” photographs, which when put together make a pretty tight collective series. Alas all I’m giving you for now is this one though.
Red (really RED) wall, with a little green. I gotta get my hands on some Velvia for the 6×6 and shoot this red, now that would be a photograph that’d make your eyes bleed.
Told you I was brimming with enthusiasm again, this has to be the longest blub after a photograph of mine ever.

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