Club Yashica

Club Yashica, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 265 / 365
(That would be less than 100 days to go then)

Yes it’s another new addition to the collection, I know I said I was through with 35mm when it comes to film but the fact is it’s a darn sight cheaper to shoot than medium format.
So what’s the story behind this one? Well I’ve been shooting with the Lordomat rangefinder for a while now and it’s lack of built in meter is a bit of a drag a times. So I’ve been on the look out for a fixed lens 35mm rangefinder with meter to solve my needs. I’ve been trying to find a good deal for an Olympus 35SP or Canon ql17 but it seems that people really want them at the moment and are willing to pay some slightly daft pricces to get ones which are “sold as seen” or as I like to read “this camera probably won’t work”. Then as if by magic I found this little gem for a rather bargain price. Sure I’ve stepped down from an f1.7 lens to f2.8 but to be honest most of these old rangefinders have rather limited max shutter speeds so f1.7 in full sun is tricky without getting ND filters involved.

Test roll has gone through the camera already and all seems tickity boo. I might stick a fresh roll of Kodak Ektar in for the weekend (if it’s bright)

The mighty PEN 20mm ultimate combo, which is smaller than the Yashica.

Oh yeah, check out that light!

Half Frame

Half Frame, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 263 / 365

More bold colours for this week, plus a bit of a bike thrown in too.
I’ve always wondered what was around this corner and today I thought I’d have a little looksie.

Yet again its the PEN 20mm

Cab and a Cash Machine

Cab and a Cash Machine, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 263 / 365

Wow what a rubbish day for light. I’d planned on getting out early with a roll of film loaded to utilise my free morning today. Overcast and drizzle was the weather so I scratched wasting a roll of 35mm and grabbed my go to camera for oodles of fun in any conditions (PEN 20mm).
I got a few intersting shots before the crowds hit the city for the day, the 35mm film camera came out for a little bit but nothing doing really.
I did discover a funky little new place for all things vinyl, paper backed and hip, plus some good coffee & conversation to boot.

Big Blue

Big Blue, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 262 / 365

More from the PEN & 20mm by popular demand (well by Patricks request anyway, go check out his stuff by the way, he’s got some really good photographs in his stream).
Little wispy cloud over the city, super deep blue sky too.

Olympus PEN e-p2 / Panasonic 20mm f1.7

Instant Inspiration

Instant Inspiration, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 261 / 365

Do not adjust your monitor I’m back from the land of B&W

A strange title you may think for a photograph taken with the E-P2 / 20mm, well maybe not. It comes about as I spent a good few hours yesterday in the late sun with my Polaroid camera shooting the 3000b B&W film. Kinda fun, well loads of fun actually. You just can’t beat that anticipation as you wait for the developing goo to do it’s business before peeling the photograph apart. The fuji instant doesn’t smell as good as I remember the polaroid smelling but it’s probably a good thing as sniffing photographs whilst stood in the street isn’t a great look.
So to todays shot, after my polaroid session I’d pretty much refilled my enthusiasm for the 365 project, sure none of the photographs I shot yesterday will make the project but the whole idea is to get me out playing and trying stuff photographically that I’d normally not bother with. With my newly full inspiration bucket I headed out into the early light with the PEN / 20mm (darn I’d forgotten just how good this lens was, I’m like totally OMG in love for eva with it (too much?)). I shot a boat load of what I’d consider “proper good” photographs, which when put together make a pretty tight collective series. Alas all I’m giving you for now is this one though.
Red (really RED) wall, with a little green. I gotta get my hands on some Velvia for the 6×6 and shoot this red, now that would be a photograph that’d make your eyes bleed.
Told you I was brimming with enthusiasm again, this has to be the longest blub after a photograph of mine ever.

Kitchen Garden Lighting Set-up

Kitchen Garden Lighting Set-up, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 260 / 365

Time for a little something different again.
Here’s one from todays final set of shots for the N.T. editorial piece, only this time with an added educational aspect.

Strobistamatic info –
As photo;
1 x Speedlight gridded high and camera right, to provide a little pop to the food.
1 x Speedlight (on top of wall) high behind food to give backlighting / rim (replicate the sun which was over the wall).

White big reflector hand held just out of frame (left) to kick a little of the spill back in.

Could I not have just shot this available light, yeah but it looked a little dead without some modelling and to be honest where’s the fun in that.

Rf – 603 triggers.

Canon 1Dmkiii, Sigma 50mm f1.4

His & Hers – Transatlantic Experimental Photography

Day 259 / 365

Two rolls outbound to my good friends over in the land of McDonalds. One for him & one for her. Can’t wait to find out if international mail gets x-rayed . . . . . . . . . . . . . . It should add to the randomness of our multiple exposures if nothing else.