Big Blue

Big Blue, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 262 / 365

More from the PEN & 20mm by popular demand (well by Patricks request anyway, go check out his stuff by the way, he’s got some really good photographs in his stream).
Little wispy cloud over the city, super deep blue sky too.

Olympus PEN e-p2 / Panasonic 20mm f1.7

Instant Inspiration

Instant Inspiration, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 261 / 365

Do not adjust your monitor I’m back from the land of B&W

A strange title you may think for a photograph taken with the E-P2 / 20mm, well maybe not. It comes about as I spent a good few hours yesterday in the late sun with my Polaroid camera shooting the 3000b B&W film. Kinda fun, well loads of fun actually. You just can’t beat that anticipation as you wait for the developing goo to do it’s business before peeling the photograph apart. The fuji instant doesn’t smell as good as I remember the polaroid smelling but it’s probably a good thing as sniffing photographs whilst stood in the street isn’t a great look.
So to todays shot, after my polaroid session I’d pretty much refilled my enthusiasm for the 365 project, sure none of the photographs I shot yesterday will make the project but the whole idea is to get me out playing and trying stuff photographically that I’d normally not bother with. With my newly full inspiration bucket I headed out into the early light with the PEN / 20mm (darn I’d forgotten just how good this lens was, I’m like totally OMG in love for eva with it (too much?)). I shot a boat load of what I’d consider “proper good” photographs, which when put together make a pretty tight collective series. Alas all I’m giving you for now is this one though.
Red (really RED) wall, with a little green. I gotta get my hands on some Velvia for the 6×6 and shoot this red, now that would be a photograph that’d make your eyes bleed.
Told you I was brimming with enthusiasm again, this has to be the longest blub after a photograph of mine ever.

Kitchen Garden Lighting Set-up

Kitchen Garden Lighting Set-up, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 260 / 365

Time for a little something different again.
Here’s one from todays final set of shots for the N.T. editorial piece, only this time with an added educational aspect.

Strobistamatic info –
As photo;
1 x Speedlight gridded high and camera right, to provide a little pop to the food.
1 x Speedlight (on top of wall) high behind food to give backlighting / rim (replicate the sun which was over the wall).

White big reflector hand held just out of frame (left) to kick a little of the spill back in.

Could I not have just shot this available light, yeah but it looked a little dead without some modelling and to be honest where’s the fun in that.

Rf – 603 triggers.

Canon 1Dmkiii, Sigma 50mm f1.4

His & Hers – Transatlantic Experimental Photography

Day 259 / 365

Two rolls outbound to my good friends over in the land of McDonalds. One for him & one for her. Can’t wait to find out if international mail gets x-rayed . . . . . . . . . . . . . . It should add to the randomness of our multiple exposures if nothing else.

Dean’s Park HP5+

Dean’s Park HP5+, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 258 / 365

Still feeling the call of the film. After a little step back into the medium format world I’ve decided that in order to keep the bank manager happy I’d better stick to 35mm for all but the commissioned work on film. 220 sure is pretty but it’s darn costly to get dev’ed & scanned (even low res).
Here’s a little Ilford HP5+ action in Dean’s Park.


Out-take, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 257 / 365

One that didn’t quite make the cut from todays shoot for a gardening magazine.

1Dmkiii, 50mm

Wow I’ve just realised how close to being under 100 days left on this project, time flies when your struggling for ideas eh?

This was a fun little commission for a gardening magazine on behalf of the National Trust. I got to pretty much have full freedom over what and how I shot this lovely garden which is used to grow ingredients for their tea rooms and restaurant in York.

Blowin’ in the Wind // Lone Tree

Blowin’ in the Wind // Lone Tree, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 256 / 365

After a couple of days of breezy conditions I figured the 365 needed a little memento of the weather.

My B&W period continues . . . . . .

If you really just have to know what this was shot on then maybe If you ask I’ll tell. I got what I was going for though (or at least close too it).
On another side note, I learnt today that I can get from being asleep in my bed to in the car with it full of kit and on the road in 15 minutes when pushed . . . . . . However this is one feat I don’t have any desire to repeat, ever. Everything worked out fine though so all was good.


Gothica, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 255 / 365

Sometimes what we see is a little removed from reality. I’d forgotten how much I like the feel the Sigma 12-24mm gives, especially when shot wide open. The edges get a little fuzzy and it naturally vignettes a couple of stops (although I may have added to that with this one . . . . ).
York Minster in all it’s imposing Gothicness.
5D / 12-24mm

Get me using a zoom lens, although to be honest if you can find me a good 12mm prime for Canon EF mount I’m listening.
It isn’t that I’m against the zoom, I just prefer the character that primes can have.

City Riding Series – Part 6

City Riding Series – Part 5, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 254 / 365

It’s been a while since my last city riding photograph & this one was totally unplanned.
Taking the short route around the Minster and also taking a chance on not meeting a bobby on the way.

5D / 12-24mm

Check the series so far on my City Riding series on Flickr.

Rider Portraits – The Farewell Ride

Rider Portraits – The Farewell Ride, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 253 / 365

As one of our riders departs the city of York back to his native land we bow our heads in thanks and respect to the happy times we’ve had.
Ookini Isao.

Oly PEN, 35mm f1.7

Wow shooting a couple of rolls of film has made a mess of this 365 project, I’ve got photographs and posts all over the place now. The numbers do correspond to the correct days and photographs though, so that’s something.
It’s almost all back up to date now, I just have one more roll of 220 to finish up and develop. However very soon I’ll have a roll of half exposed 35mm to reshoot as double exposures which I may or may not dedicate a full week to.
It’s all go.