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Day 304 / 365

Spooky eh?
Well it is Halloween after all.

Oly PEN, E-P2, 20mm

All caught up again but with a claim that I’m about to hit the road for the rest of the week so the next instalments will be at the weekend. Where I might also have a blog post with something to actually read.

Model Portfolio – Matthew

Model Portfolio – Matthew, originally uploaded by bang*.

Just a quick post of some of the selects from yesterdays shoot in the city. Good weather gave me plenty of light (too much at times for some locations). Some of the locations I wanted to try worked, some would have with different light and some just didn’t suit Matthews look.

The blue doors were perfect but the light was streaming in from the left making angles very tricky. One worth a revisit for sure.

Model Portfolio - Matthew

Model Portfolio - Matthew

Model Portfolio - Matthew

Model Portfolio - Matthew

Model Portfolio - Matthew

Model Portfolio - Matthew

Model Headshots

Model Headshots, originally uploaded by bang*.

Just incase you thought I’d fallen off the face of the Earth again here’s a little hint as to why my 365 posts keep getting delayed. I’ve been busy.

Who needs white seamless and studio lights when you can get this out in the street. I think I’ve found my set up to rival Ryan Muirheads veranda.

Thanks for all your work today Matthew.

Canon 5D, Sigma 50mm

Fork – eh – ReDux

Fork – eh – ReDux, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 300 / 365

Day 300 . . . . . . . . . .
Who would have thought it.
A little semi-repeat of a shot I did way back in the early days of this year, this one I really like. Love how film has that look in the out of focus areas that just isn’t quite so sweet with digital.

Not long now.

Kodak Tri-X souped and shaken and banged about in some D76

How things have changed since the beginning of this project. I guess the fact that I have to produce a photograph each day has meant that instead of thinking “Hey it might be nice to run a roll of film through the old camera” or “I’ve always fancied having a go at that” I now just go ahead and do it in the name of getting something for this 365.
My ranty blog posts have dried up though, partly because i’m pretty busy and partly because I’m more concerned with getting myself to where I want to be by the end of the year. I have some hard work ahead over the next month or two, I’m hustling like never before.
One day I’ll be happy with the body of work I’ve created but I think that day will be the day I retire. Part of my drive comes from the fact that I’m never content with what I’ve created.
Until that day I’ll keep on striving to express myself via these photographs.

Something to try for the next week or two, the Goods & the Bads.

Developing Tri-X (there is just something magical about opening the tank and seeing photographs, real physical photographs, sure they’re negatives but still)
Being busy again
New collaboration opportunities
A couple of exciting upcoming shoots
Shooting with the Bronica again
Feeling super excited and passionate about my business again after spending quite a long time drifting along.
All the really inspirational blogs and journals out there in the interworld, some make me laugh, some make me cry and others make me feel much of my work is almost petty (which I now understand is a positive thing for me).

Scanning negatives . . . . takes . . . . .sooo . . . .very . . . . . . long. . . . . . .
The cost of getting colour 120 film dev’ed & scanned (but it’s sure worth it)
Fuji FP-100c instant film, I just can’t get on with the stuff, too slow and has an odd colour tint.
Counting the cost of some silly purchasing mistakes so far this year (more on this at a later date as I figure I should share the mistakes with the successes)
Missed opportunities

Hanging with an old friend

Hanging with an old friend, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 299 / 365

After a couple of disapointing rolls from the Yashica I decided to go back to what I now in regards medium format. Many years ago I used one of these babies on a near daily basis, luckily I’ve managed to convice this one to spend a little time with me for a couple of shoots to see how it might fit in to my current line up.
Out with the square (well it’s on the shelf), in with the 645 Bronica ETRSi. The first roll of Portra 400 should be back from the lab by the weekend.

Kodak Tri-X shaken about in D76

Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now

Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 297 / 365

I just saw the two opposing stances of the Pigeons here and it kind of made me think about how sometimes we stand strong in our position whilst others turn and flee.
Or maybe it’s just an alleyway with some Pigeons in it.

Olympus E-P2, 20mm