instant Sunsets

instant Sunsets, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 277 / 365

Film for the digitally addicted. Want to shoot film with instant feedback, gotta get yourself some instant.
Fuji FP-100C through the old Polaroid ProPack.
To be honest instant is one step beyond digital in that you have your final print within 30 seconds of taking your shot. Now that’s pushing even the silkiest of wireless camera / dyesub printer combination. Okay I admit it isn’t all that cheap per shot but that’s the joy of it.
Make tham count!

Fuji FP-100c (silk) Polaroid ProPack

One thought on “instant Sunsets

  1. Hi, beautiful images, this one as a classical painting of object style .Been visiting your page now and then and its the second time I been into a post with the one I think it was “lack of originality” with the guy crossing the street. Really nice one.
    I am not much of a photographer but I made a movie on the Day Hate was Concurred by Love it’s been travelling around a bit digitally and up loaded by a few as Nobel and UN and so .The Oslo Terror I was there as a witness to the tragic day of the Oslo terror. Two minutes after the big bang I got of the sub station and was there even before the Police came, just 200 meters from the building Had to help some scared boys out of a toy shop. At night I heard the same guy nearly killed 100 young innocent people on an island with no possibilities to escape. I took my camera with me and did go to the most beautiful sculpture park in the hole wide world to establish inner peace. I think I was lucky but the text should be as good as it can get. Its slow probably 7 minutes long so not for the MTV generation. You find it at

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