3 thoughts on “Woodland Walk

  1. Made me sigh. I’d love to take a walk there. Oh, and yeah, good technical stuff and all that.
    (Actually, I reckon it’s a good photo when I have an emotional reaction – such as the sigh – before I notice technique. What about you?)

    • Yeah I hear you, to be honest I generally don’t give much of a hoot about the technicalities of a photograph I see. Most of the time I’ll just sit and look at it considering what it is trying to say to me (or like you say, figuring out what kind of reaction you are having to it) rather than how it was created, I’d rather understand the concept, story or reasoning behind a photograph than the exact dirty secrets of its creation. I generally add the details on my photographs to preempt any questions along those lines. Some people seem to get really hung up on what camera or lens was used for a certain shot, which In some respects can be taken as a bit of an insult if you see where I’m coming from. If I spend my time trying to convey a certain feeling or story in a photograph and the first response I get is “OOooooo I love the sharpness and bokeh (actually hate this work) what lens did you use for this?” then I kind of consider that photograph a failure as all that person has seen is it’s technicalities.
      Anyway I’d better stop before I go off on one, thanks for nearly opening that can on worms . . . . . . . . 🙂

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