5 thoughts on “Tie-Wrap Tree

  1. WTF? Who on earth has time to do that? Tie-wraps? Is that what we would call a ‘twist-tie’? The kind of thing you use to close the bag around a loaf of bread?

    • Um, I think those things to close the bread bags are twist ties. Tie wraps are the little plastic thingies that start out straight then you bend it back on itself to insert the pointy end into a little slot and it kind of clicks its way in until tight, then to untie it you normally need scissors to cut it open. Ooooo the power of google tells me that you Antipodeans call them Cable Ties? 🙂

      • Yep. Cable ties. Must be creatively challenged, because I had never thought to use them to do anything as pretty as that.

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