Light Repeating – Plus blog catch up

Light Repeating, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 344 / 365

Huge catch-up posting today.
Busy old time as the year end nears, finishing up some jobs, checking invoices and starting to set up some portfolio shoots over the Winter period. I have managed to keep shooting the 365’s though. Mainly on the iPhone simply as the other cameras are in work mode. It’s been fun playing with the phone camera again, it’s even more fun looking back over the weeks shots and remembering moments I’d almost forgotten.

I loved the pattern the streetlight made so made a niffty B&W shot and tiled the thing. Kind of hurts my eyes in thumbnail view.

iPhone 4 with either Hipstamatic, Camera + or a combination of both.

So that’s me caught up again. I have to admit with the end of this project nearing I’m pretty done on the thing. I’m desperately trying to rally some enthusiasm to go out with a bang (ha haa pun not really intended but i’ll take it). At the moment though I’m being pretty lazy just posting iphone shots which If I’m honest are more moments captured then photographs made.
Perhaps that is what todays composite image is about, the whole rinse and repeat thing I’ve felt of late. One of the ideals behind this 365 was to get me out trying new things and shooting new ideas through the year. At first it worked well in forcing me to question my vision. Now I’m feeling my attention being drawn elsewhere, being honest it’s a better place where it is being drawn (my portrait portfolio) but still this project needs finishing in the manner it was started.
Okay moan over, I got myself into this project so it’s time to hunker on down and stoke the fires for the last twenty-one shots. 🙂

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