At the end of the tunnel

At the end of the tunnel, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 350 / 365

Big catch up again, sorry if I keep blowing up peoples RSS feeds . . . . . .

York, me, alleyways, camera, sidelight. This is always going to be on my mind as a potential shot.

Canon 5d2 50mm

Well that’s just about all of my paid jobs shot for this year. So another one in my bag of experience and it’s time for some reflection over the coming final few days of this project.
The winter is always my time for a bit of good old fashioned navel gazing to see where I am and where I’m headed, how things have changed for better and for worse. Time to contemplate those missed opportunities and almost moments along with the success.
So expect a little more in the way of words here on the blog over the coming week or so as I start to deconstruct and analyse this year of bang photography. Plus find out a few hints as to what I have planned for the new year too, as I’m pretty excited about some of the projects and shoots already in the pipeline.
Don’t worry there will still remain personal projects through 2012 for the blog too, just not a 365, something else.


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