All I Want For Christmas . . . . . . for H & G

Day 357 / 365

I’m guessing congratulations are in order guys so here you go. Cons, butterflys and a little Christmas sparkle.

This shot is a slight follow on to this shot from earlier in the year.

5D2, 50mm, homemade butterfly bokeh template and a gridded speedlight.

So the story behind the shot?
Well the Love holding hands shot was found and somewhat loved by a delightful young couple from Derry, Northern Island. It seemed to strike quite a chord with them, enough for Helena to contact me to see if they could use the photograph for their wedding invitations. A deal was struck and along with that I said I’d try and put something together for the 365 photograph on the day of their wedding.
So here we are.
This is for you guys Gareth & Helena, I hope you had a super day, wishing you both all the very best for your future together.

One thought on “All I Want For Christmas . . . . . . for H & G

  1. What a great story! I loved that original shot of the converse shoes ‘holding hands’, too. Such a simple idea, so well executed.

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