Beauty // Bronica // Bankruptcy // Black & White

Model : Ashlee VS
MUA & Hair : Vicki Suddaby
Photographer : Mark Ivkovic (Me again!)

One for the Film26 group, which is an ongoing project for me this year. This time around it’s “B”. Took the ‘B’ronica along for the ride on my last shoot, loaded with some Kodak (‘B’ankruptcy) for some ‘B’lank & white. I reckon I covered my ‘B’ases with this. The odd mark bottom left is on the neg, looks like this roll fogged a little as this was the final frame.

So then, Kodak . . . . . . . . that’s going to be springing crazy internet based fear mongering if ever anything has. It’s the end of the world!?!
No it’s just the end of a chapter, the story has a long way to go yet, with many a twist and turn remaining I’d predict.
The industry isn’t dying, it’s in a state of change and an exciting change at that. Stop looking back and thinking all the best times are behind us. This is the best shot you’ve ever got, step up and make it count or go and make room for somebody else.

One thought on “Beauty // Bronica // Bankruptcy // Black & White

  1. Thanks for the reminder. It was easy to get caught up in the idea that the most trusted film producer for decades has filed for bankruptcy. Then again, companies like Fuji are entering the cutting edge of digital technology (their upcoming x-pro1 completely re-designed the digital sensor), which puts them in a great place to put out some killer films in the future, for that small but loyal sector.

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