As I hold my breath

As I hold my breath, originally uploaded by bang*.

More new work from myself.

Loving every minute of these shoots, creating work I’m really rather proud of and sensing my world shifting beneath my feet.

The time of my “out with the old in with the new” is approaching, as I’m gathering closer those who inspire me and push me forward in my work. At the same time I’m learning to let go those and that which holds me back. I’ve learnt a lot through my career so far, from each and ever person I’ve had the good fortune to work alongside. I have a lot more still to discover but one thing is for sure, repeating the same old same old isn’t the way I want to run anymore.

“I ain’t gonna take it no more, I ain’t gonna take it no more” I don’t want to be seen to be pushing the boundaries because I’m planning on blowing them up.

Told you I’m feeling the hustle and the optimism. These are the times my friends. Embrace your dreams.


Everything falling into place

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