Yazi // Dangerous Beauty

Yazi // Dangerous Beauty, originally uploaded by bang*.

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Just a couple from the first location of last Saturdays session with Yazi. Taking a slightly less straight edge approach with this one.

Model : Yazi van Bathory
MUA / Hair : Yazi
Cleaver : Models own . . . . .
Photographer : Mark Ivkovic (That would be me again)

Those who may have followed my work for a little while may notice I like to find bright walls when shooting on location. I’m not a huge fan of just a brick wall but I’m a sucker for strong solid blocks of colour I can shoot against. I thought the last red wall I found was good but this one, wow this one POPS. A perfect backdrop for the start of this session with Yazi.
On the topic of Yazi, she’s a trooper for sure. What you can’t make out here is that it’s pretty much below freezing and about to snow. She had on that little dress, me on the other hand had two jumpers, gillet, scarf, gloves the whole winter weather works. Bless her she even put up with the blizzard we got later on too. That’s a sign of a top model in my books.

More to come from this session later in the week as we really pulled out some great stuff. She even gained a couple of new fans whilst shooting . . . . . . . . .

Yazi // Dangerous Beauty

Yazi // Dangerous Beauty

Yazi // Dangerous Beauty

Yazi // Dangerous Beauty

4 thoughts on “Yazi // Dangerous Beauty

  1. I think your right about the back ground. Never thoght of it much but it makes sense. Can’t wait to see the rest. We love psychbilly too 🙂

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