Teddy Boy Style // Triptych

Teddy Boy Style // Triptych, originally uploaded by bang*.

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Been meaning to do some more of these away from the rider portraits, finally got around to one during a shoot.

Very early edits from todays portfolio shoot with Jamie. A little modern twist on a Teddy boy style.

Model : Jamie Wands-Murray (Maverick Models)
Photographer : Mark Ivkovic (moi!)

The snow is sticking around making some of my city locations either look odd or be really too slippery to shoot at. Having said that it’s nice to have the ground be a huge reflector no matter where I go. Some you win some you lose right?
We both managed not to freeze thanks to a mid session hot beverage, plus we put some leather down crossing the city.

PRobably more from this session later in the week too, not to mention more from Yazi and some from Sundays shoot with Ashley. Told you I was hustling this year.

Teddy Boy Style

Teddy Boy Style

3 thoughts on “Teddy Boy Style // Triptych

  1. Like this one, too. But please, Mark, can we have a park bench again soon?

    Oh, and why is it that Yazi had to freeze her you-know-whats off in a skimpy little dress in a blizzard and the guys get to rug up and have a hot bevvie in the middle of a shoot? You’d better watch out if Yazi finds out. She has a cleaver after all….

    • Ha ha, n’ah I made sure Yazi had chance to grab a hot cuppa tea too.
      Let me see If I can find any park benches I haven’t photographed yet . . . .

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