Artemis // Bar Lane // Creative Fashion

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Shot at Bar Lane Studios
Model : Artemis Fauna

Sometimes a shoot just comes together. I found Artemis from looking at another photographers work online, I dropped her a line just to say well done and what would you know she was only going to be in York a few days later.
A few phone calls later I’d acquired my space and everything was set.
See it really isn’t that hard to get yourself creating new work, you just need to get off your behind.

A quick note on the space used. Bar Lane Studios, one of Yorks more creative venues. Gallery, artists in residence with studios, little cafe plus an event list packed to the gills. The basement was a recent find for me and figured it was worth a punt at using for this shoot. It worked really rather well, a couple of things could be done to help out some but all in all really nice (bit chilly mind but what can one expect in a basement mid February). Checkout the Bar Lane gang and if you’re ever in York why not pop in for some culture –

Artemis // Bar Lane

Artemis // Bar Lane

Artemis // Bar Lane

Artemis // Bar Lane

Artemis // Bar Lane

2 thoughts on “Artemis // Bar Lane // Creative Fashion

  1. Is there anything you can’t photograph??!??? wonderful shots, nice to see some people. Great control of light and tones, well done.

    PS. I left the versatile blogger award for you on my blog, cuz your work is the bomb.

    • Hey Anna, seriously thanks for your kind words. The internet is rife with easy ego boosts (“like”, “fav” etc) but to actually spend time to craft some feedback shows truth in statement and meaning. So thanks. I do try. 🙂

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