Extra reasons to love film

Reasons to love film, originally uploaded by bang*.

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Have I mentioned that I love my Leica?

Leica CL

40mm f2 Summicron

Kodak TriX 400


I know I’ve posted an early version of this shot already but here it is all finished up (just about after a re-scan) super happy with it, although I have managed to pretty much kill the negative via an oversight and a school boy error. At least I’ve got my scans.

Reasons to love film

Here’s a film version of the digital shot I used from this shoot. Just preferred the expression and pose of the digital, love the soul of this Tri-X shot though.


Reasons to love film

3 thoughts on “Extra reasons to love film

    • You’re not wrong Simon, the 40mm is a beautiful lens and focal length. I think the M mount community is starting to realise it’s worth of late as the price is sky rocketing. I got the CL & 40mm for £500 from Japan, I’m already seeing the lens alone going for more than that.
      I have to say I was very disappointed with it on the M8 though (one of the reasons for me not keeping the camera) Although I’m pretty sure it was the way the sensor is rigged up rather than the lens as on film it’s flawless.

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