Spring Espresso – York Through a Holga and my Eyes

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In a slight contrast to the Leica M8 this weekend, I’ve fallen back on my trustworthy (well something like that) Holga. Ilford HP5+ for some exposure latitude and a well needed coffee break.
Oh yeah, if you’re ever in York check out my man Steve at the rather special Spring Espresso (@SpringEspresso on the twitter).

Holga 120N, Ilford HP5+ dev’ed D76 1:1 and rescued at scanning as this was rather under exposed. A little tint-orama thanks to Lightroom.

Expect more of this kind of stuff from me for a little while in between the portrait work. I have a small side project running so the Holga is getting a work out.

Once again reminded of the joy from film. Had I shot this on digital and underexposed quite so drastically I’m pretty sure it would have looked awful, this however kind of works with the whole holga / film vibe, well to me it does.

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