Darkness & Light – Behind the scenes on a beauty shoot

If I do recall a long while ago I promised some readers of this blog some more behind the shoot posts. So it’s with great fanfare and celebration I give to you a somewhat brief behind the shoot post 🙂

I’m thinking this will be a two parter simply because I’ve only quickly gone through the edits as yet and my instant favourites are all from the dark side of our concept.
For now this will be a short image based post (mainly as I don’t really have the time right now to construct a meaningful and informative post). I’ll give a little brief overview but if you really want more info drop me a comment and i’ll try to help out.

The Concept : A Double look beauty shoot based around darkness & light / masculine & feminine / B&W & colour. That kind of thing. To create a series of photographs to be shown as side by side opposite pages.

The Team : One make up artist I had previously worked with, Miss Meg Lindow and another recent product of the genius producing Cassie Lomas Academy the lovely Thembi Mkandla.

The models : Amy Gee & Zsanett from Boss Models plus Samio & Naz from Nemesis Models

The Location : The Studio @ Cassie Lomas Academy, Manchester UK

Mark Ivkovic @ bangphotography, Meg Lindow MUA, Zsanett @ Boss Models

Mark Ivkovic @ bangphotography, Thembi Mkandla MUA, Samio @ Nemesis

Mark Ivkovic @ bangphotography, Meg Lindow MUA, Naz @ Nemesis

So that’s a little clue as to what the darker look was, these are a few very early edits but I’m super happy with what we created between us.

Now for some behind the scenes images and thanks to Meg & Thembi for the first time on the blog you get to see me working 🙂

First dark look from Meg Lindow MUA @MegLindowMUA

First dark look created by Thembi

First dark look created by Thembi MUA @ThembiThems

Well okay the back of my head.

Plus a few little details from the set;

A couple of pages from my ideas book for this shoot. Proof indeed why I'm a photographer and not an illustrator 🙂

The early set up for our light and airy girly look. I changed it around a little due to a really bright spot light from the right.

Gotta dial in those exposures.

Well that’s a little insight into my world. Plus a clue as to how a photographer goes about translating an idea in his head into an actual photograph. Stay tuned for extra bits and bobs over the next week as I narrow down the edit and get ready to produce a final product.

3 thoughts on “Darkness & Light – Behind the scenes on a beauty shoot

  1. Thanks Mark. Love your behind. Oops. That came out all wrong! But I’m sure you’ know what I mean.

    Love that first image. Can’t stop staring into her eyes. And man, you’ve sure got “Rembrandt’s light” set up just perfect!

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