Analogue Prague

Analogue Prague, originally uploaded by bang*.

So you may have noticed it went a little quiet around here last week, that was due to me taking a long overdue break from it all. Nothing clears away the stresses from a photographers life like going to a new place and making . . . um . . . .photographs. Some may question why I didn’t just put the cameras down and take a full no photos break. Well to those who ask that I simply say making photographs is how I deal with the world, it’s what I do, it is essentially me. I journal, I collect, I make memories, I recycle light. Without it I fear what I may become, with it I feel I may express my vision of the world to those who may care to view it.
So with that said, to the trip.
I’d decided that it was going to be one of an almost zen like quality, I’d decided that I was only going to use film. To me this is unplugging, letting go of the instant gratification of digital, letting go of all the modern tech crammed into cameras these day to “aid” in our visual expression. What I had was what you see above.

A bag into which the following was poured each morning;

Leica CL
40mm f2 / 15mm f4.5
Holga 120
Mucho mucho film for both cameras

Plus the needed everyday bits and bobs.

Analogue Prague

I managed to munch through a fair amount of the film I took with me (and almost panic bought some emergency Portra 400 when I stumbled upon a glorious find of a camera emporium). A little note on FotoSkoda, this is probably Pragues largest camera store (if not the whole Czech Republic) I’ve been in some pretty impressive stores before but this place was a proverbial gold mine of goodies, just a shame the exchange rate meant that the prices are higher than back home.

Anyway much fun was had and I’m currently waiting on a few more rolls being dev’ed and piecing together my collection for prints.
However to keep you wanting more here are a few likely candidates to make the final cut.

Pieces of Prague #3

Pieces of Prague #2

Pieces of Prague #1

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