Melissa | NQ Manchester

Melissa | NQ Manchester, originally uploaded by bang*.

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More from a fun couple of hours in the rare Manchester sun last Sunday.

Just about done with my edit from Sunday so thought I’d post some more of the final selects.

I’m super happy with a number of the shots we created between us and I think that last part is an important factor in the look of these. Sometimes on a busy set it’s too easy to get caught up in the whole energy and hustle and one can easily forget one of the most important skills a portrait photographer needs. Between chatting with the make up artist, stylists, art directors, assistants and numerous other people on set, building that connection and collaborative effect between the model and myself can be hard to maintain. I like to talk and chat whilst shooting, I’ll goof around and have a laugh. This is my job and I love it, I think most people who work with me get that. I’m finally learning to control my shoots more in this respect, I’m happy for everyone to have a good time whilst shooting otherwise what’s the point but when it comes down to crunch time I must be able to create and maintain a connection with my models. I always appreciated the skill and talent required to create beautiful fashion portraits but admit to many a time thinking “yeah that’s easy, you bring me Kate Moss and some beautiful clothes and hey presto” right?!? Well if you just want to be a member of the “pretty girl, pretty photo” club then yeah to a point it’s kind of along those lines once you know some photography basics. What makes or breaks a fashion portrait (or any portrait to that matter) is a huge combination of factors but one of the strongest is this connection. It’s my ability to bring out of the model what it is I want to portray, what I want the photograph to say and how it will say it. If I want emotion then I have to bring that out. A good model will help in this by having the ability to emote but they will find it hard to do so without the photographer giving them something to work with. It’s a collaboration and if you want to do more than just document the person stood in front of you it’s one you need to work on.

“When people look at my pictures I want them to feel the way they do when they want to read a line of a poem twice.”

― Robert Frank

One day i’ll get there but for now I’m revelling in the process.

Melissa | NQ Manchester

Melissa | NQ Manchester

Melissa | NQ Manchester

Melissa | NQ Manchester

Melissa | NQ Manchester

Melissa | NQ Manchester

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