Chloe | Beauty | Bar Lane

Chloe | Beauty | Bar Lane, originally uploaded by bang*.

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Another teaser from another shoot. (Busy week)

Photography : Mark Ivkovic
Make-Up : Meg Lindow
Hair : Alexandra Beauregard
Model : Chloe

Plus a lighter feel;

Chloe | Beauty | Bar Lane

2 thoughts on “Chloe | Beauty | Bar Lane

  1. Tell me, Mark, who’s the creative genius behind all these fabulous shoots? Are you coming up with all the styling ideas? Or are you shooting to meet a look dictated by your client? Not being nosey, just interested. Not part of the commercial scene myself.

    • Hey Jen,

      It’s a mix of inputs really. Mostly mine though to be honest but not trying to sound big headed. The latest beauty shoots came about after a conversation between myself and Meg the MUA, between us we decided on the concept and she went wild with the colours. The All American Boy is pretty much me from seeing the guy I was shooting, the female model is also pretty much me. Chloe in the city is me too. So yeah, pretty much from my head with client approval. Nice to be trusted though.

      Oh and thanks for the compliments, always nice to hear peoples thoughts.

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