All American Boy

All American Boy, originally uploaded by bang*.

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Sorry it’s double post Saturday . . . . . .

Quick teaser from another of the latest shoots, it’s been a busy week (and it isn’t over yet . . . .)

I also have a bunch of persoanl shots that I keep meaning to stick up in a post, just some of the kind of work you may have got used to last year (and I know the odd couple of readers like to see some of that too now and then).

Scott L @ Nemesis – Mr SoCal looking local lad. (…)


Techy stuff –

Canon 1Diii
Sigma 50mm f/1.4

Nemesis teaser

Nemesis teaser, originally uploaded by bang*.

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Very quick teaser from one of the latest shoots.

Sarah B – Nemesis Model Management
Lisa Murray – Stylist
M. Ivkovic – Photography

Tech babble –

Bowens Via 28″ White Beauty Dish – Camera right approx 45 degree (shadow on the right shot gives a better feel for position)

Canon 1Diii
Sigma 50mm f/1.4
125th @ f/5.6, iso160

Triptych series | Chloe

Triptych series | Chloe, originally uploaded by bang*.

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It’s only fair that someone facing the camera all day gets a triptych.

Thanks Chloe, I kinda had to pick this one with the hair.

Leica M8.2Voigtlander 50mm f/1.1 nokton

The crazy thing is I swear I didn’t do anything in post to her eyes other than a general B&W conversion (a la Mark). Great light & Blue / green eyes given an Orthochromatic style B&W conversion makes for some captivating peepers.

Plus a little peek of the shots from the Leica which got itself a good workout alongside the Canon today –
Chloe | Leeds
Leica M8.2
Voigtlander 50mm f/1.1 nokton

LR3, VSCO (TriX edit)

Lawson | Nemesis

Lawson | Nemesis, originally uploaded by bang*.

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Super simple, super relaxed portfolio shoot with Lawson of Nemesis Agency Manchester.

Canon 1Diii
Sigma 50mm f1.4
LR3, VSCO (Portra 400+ (edit) | TriX + (edit))

Not sure why but the 1Diii is my Canon of choice at the moment. I’ve always preferred it to the 5Dii but that full frame pixel count is always alluring. The files from the 1D just seem better to me, I can get them looking exactly how I want in very (two clicks and I’m done) little time. Plus there’s always a focus point where I need one.
Take the shot on the right above for example. Super clean, super bright, skin tone bang on but everything with that soft pastel vibe I seem to dig.
So I guess the 5 can stay sat in the Peli case ready as a willing back-up.

For the folk who like to know what gear is used for photos my go to gear is currently;

Canon 1Diii
Sigma 50mm f1.4
Canon EF 35mm f2

Plus a big reflector.

Sure the bag also holds my precious but that isn’t really the money camera.

A little on VSCO at the end but now for some more photographs.

Lawson | Nemesis

Lawson | Nemesis

Lawson | Nemesis

So a quick note on post production. I’m coming around to the VSCO film kit. I’m not totally happy with the preset looks but after a little reworking I’ve got them looking how I like. I think the main thing to remember is that these are subtle presets and not those make a rubbish shot look like it’s some kind of art work trash. If you have a well exposed, well lit, colour balanced shot and you want to give it a little eek towards film stock colours then VSCO is your ticket.
So thankfully the old adage still remains, get it right in camera.
I’ve tried Nik Color Efex, which for what I want it to do is large a plug in. It has “filmy” looks but to me they’re a little over done (one reader may well be nodding at this with a little smirk on his face after he stated that very same thing to me a while back). Plus I also use Silver Efex, which is real nice and if I want to go to town with a B&W conversion this is still my weapon of choice.