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One of the shots from another shoot at Nemesis HQ.

Kate M after a once over from the brushes of Meg Lindow MUA.

Light provided by the easiest light source of all (sun) through a window giving a crazy mask of shadow and light.

Gear –

Canon 1dii, ef35mm f2
LR3 & Nik Color Efex Pro (I think)

So I figured I’d write a little about inspiration again after a lack of insight from me of late.
What better way I thought than to explain the probable reasons behind me making this shot.
As photographers and especially those of us working with people (be that fashion, beauty, portrait . . . . ) we are walking on the shoulders of those who came before us. The greats of photographic history. We each are knowingly or unknowingly influenced by the photographers work we have seen. Be that Bailey, Avedon, Erwitt, Lange, Leibovitz etc etc. We’re delicately driven to create work that takes pieces from all those other photographs we have liked through our lives. As we become older and perhaps wiser we start to formulate our own ideas and style, yet even that is a blend of those who came before.

So to the photograph above.
I make sure to spend time each week working through magazines and website searching for images, photographs and other snippets of inspiring media. Of late I’ve returned to the work of Peter Lindbergh. His B&W fashion portraiture to me is of the highest quality and after spending years looking at his work I’m beginning to only now realise how I can try to encompass what it is I love about that work and his style into my own. His delicate use of film stock (Panchromatic and orthochromatic films which have differing sensitivity to blue and skin tones) the sense of vulnerability he manages to capture whilst still giving his subject power in the image. Here is a man who has the skill to take the beautiful person in front of his camera and transform them into something much more than that. I often say that anyone can take a pretty picture of a pretty girl in pretty clothes sat in some pretty light, it’s what else you can bring to that situation that marks out those with a passion for creating photographs that mean something from those who just want to take a nice picture.

So what’s my take away from todays impromptu lecture?

Think about what it is you are wanting to say with your photograph. You have your subject, are you simply going to document them like some fruit bowl still life or do you want to make something which tells a story and engages your viewer?

Maybe one day I’ll put a post up saying how I try and do just that but i think before then I’ll have to look hard and deep within myself to try and figure it out.

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