Yu Like Bags

Yu Like Bags by bang*
Yu Like Bags, a photo by bang* on Flickr.

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Vivian Yu wears Dragana Perisic London
Bags – Dragana Perisic London
MUA & Hair – Nuria Soriano
Peacock Yard Studios – London

The Monday morning blog post.
Just a quick peek at one of the finals from the shoot for Dragana Perisic last weekend.
Things are gradually coming to a close for the year, sure there are still a couple of jobs hanging out for shoot dates but all in all the time for reflection is almost upon me.
What does the Winter slow down mean for me? well I get to do the accounts which is always fun . . . . . . . also it’s time to really nail down the portfolio and solidify my online, print and iPad versions so they all pretty much work in tandem. It’s time to look back over the year and see where I got my breaks and where I made my mistakes, lessons learned and battle scars earned. The ball is rolling and I need to make sure it’s still going the right way to get to where I want it to be. Plus it’s time to just look back and remember what I’ve actually done in the last 12 months. This time last year I was coming up to finishing up the 365 project (thankfully) this year I’m glad I didn’t continue as I’m almost certain it would have fallen by the wayside.
However it isn’t all work work work, the time is here to see friends and family, catch up on what’s been happening with folk and generally have a good old fashion knees up.
Worry not though there’s still a couple of fresh shoots due before the year’s out so I’ll be back before you need to hang your new calendars on the wall.

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