Authenticity – Rant warning.

Authenticity - Rant warning.

So it seems that this blog has become my place to let off a little steam, get a few things of my mind and generally have a good old fashioned shout into the nothing.
Todays rant is about authenticity, truth, following your heart and creating work for “you” and not “them”.
Quit trying to recreate others, don’t try to be someone else (simply because they have more likes/followers/cooler work etc.) That someone else is already better at being themselves than you’ll ever be, be authentic in what you create and what you say.
I’m kind of over photography right now, I’m done with it. Not done with the practise or the craft but done with the ego, braggado, bs copycat fuckery that comes with it. Far too many photographers (and I’m looking at “pros” too here) are creating work “by the numbers” simply to impress the masses online.
In the words of Mr DuChemin – That’s about as worthwhile as trying to win at Yoga.
Screw that, why create a body of work that means nothing other than a few likes and momentary praise? Do you honestly think that a week down the line they’ll remember that image? Create work that expresses your feelings and stories, that expresses the “you”, that way a year or two goes by and people remember you rather than that cool ass picture you ripped off.

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m. Lizzy
mua. Nealey
h. Rob Z @ Adee Pheelan



It comes to pass that most of the time I have a rant, part of that rant is aimed at myself. A textual and world reminder not to fall into the trap again or not to repeat a mistake I’ve made. This time it comes from a conversation with my assistant regarding a series I shot a wee while ago. He made it pretty clear that it wasn’t my work, it didn’t look like it came from me, and it wasn’t true to my other work. He’s right, I was off chasing the white rabbit and totally lost sight of the “me”. I’m very lucky to have people around me willing to face my wrath by being honest about my work to me. One honest remark is worth a whole lot more than a thousand “great capture”s “cool!”s “like”s & “fav”s

Yes it’s important to push your boundaries and risk something new, that’s the only way to progress your “style” but let that come naturally rather than forcing it through replicating others.

2 thoughts on “Authenticity – Rant warning.

  1. Good post. I also share these thoughts sometimes. It’s good to remind oneself of why we do any art at all.. and it has very little to do with how others want our work to look. connie

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