Triptych Portrait series #54 – Daniel Milnor

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Triptych Portrait Series #54 – Daniel Milnor

The series is still ongoing just a little more focused.

A selection from the full set can be found here –
Along with in a certain monthly photography magazine very soon . . . . . . .

I present to you a man I now call a friend and someone I can reach out to from time to time (or a mentor if you will) – Daniel Milnor AKA Blurbs “Photographer at large” AKA Smogranch.

DRM has been on my hit list for at least a year, I first came across his work through the Leica network. Something about his style and creativity drew me in. After a year reading his blog, following his journey and numerous email correspondences I knew this was one guy I really had to meet up with. Luckily earlier this year he was over in London doing a workshop for Blurb books so we arranged to meet up for the afternoon. He sure has a way of cutting right through the crap and getting to the nub of things, his opinions on photography and “art” in general seem to echo a lot of my own feelings so it only seemed natural that I added him to my triptych “Inspirations” series.

Find more of Daniel here;…

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