Time to focus

Some of you may have noticed a steady decline in updates on the blog over the last year. To be honest as my work has started taking off I find the task of keeping the blog running more and more of a time consumer than it used to be. So with that said I’m streamlining my social media streams and winding down this feed so that I can concentrate on giving my work all the time it deserves.

I will be keeping my tumblr as a visual diary of my work (and play at times) – http://nodigitalheros.tumblr.com/

Plus you can always find me on Instagram – @bangphotography

And facebook for the more wordy visuals and latest peeks – www.facebook.com/bangphotography.fashion

I’ll leave this blog up as a little momento for as long as wordpress allows. Thanks for the interest and comments over the years, many of you have become friends, others I’ve had the chance to help out. 
See you online my friends.